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Things to know when ordering our rug yarn



Skeins are between 4.0 and 4.5 ounces.  Some “super skeins” are available – typically 6-8 ounces each.


Yarn is single ply and is available in two weights:

          Worsted appx 12 wpi – 225 yards per skein (based on 4 oz)

          Light Bulky appx 10 wpi – 140 yards per skein (based on 4 oz)


COLOR CHARTS & CUSTOM DYE ORDERS:  Color charts are available for $3 – the cost of postage.  You will notice that some colors are not available IN STOCK in both weights.  We can dye to order on both yarn weights – please call if you don’t see what you need!  Custom dye orders require 3-6 weeks processing time.




Yarn is $16 per 4 oz skein. 


Wholesale price is $42 per pound for dyed yarn and $36 per pound for un-dyed yarn (light gray).  To qualify for wholesale pricing you must buy at least 4 pounds of yarn.  You are not required to purchase an entire pound of the same color. 


This is a natural wool product dyed in small lots.  For perfect color matches we encourage you to purchase all the yarn you need at the beginning of your project. 




Please contact Jennifer at 720-217-4733(MST) or email shopaniroonz@gmail.com for additional information.