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About us

ANIROONZ Sheep Company is a conservation sheep outfit dedicated to the passionate pursuit of beautiful wool and happy sheep!   Founded on forty acres and sitting on a wind swept ridge looking out over the mountains of Northern Colorado, ANIROONZ is a great place to be a sheep!  Using the best nutrition and genetics possible, the sheep are healthy and robust and the wool…gorgeous!

There are five focus breeds of rare wool sheep at ANIROONZ and all are dearly loved and appreciated for their unique qualities.  Breeds include the Lincoln Longwool, the Wensleydale, the Teeswater, the Karakul, and the Romeldale/CVM (California Variegated Mutant).

Husband and wife team Nancy Irlbeck and Steve Musick are dedicated to working with folks who want to learn about sheep.  Early on Nancy and Steve noticed that most young men and women – if they have worked with sheep – only have experience with meat breeds like Suffolk and Hampshire. For the most part they have no concept of the wool breeds and what can be done with them. They work closely with interns, hand-spinners, sheep lovers and those just interested.  “We help them get started and answer their questions. That is the way of sheep people!”


Learn more about ANIROONZ Sheep Company at Aniroonz.com or visit Aniroonz Sheep Company on Facebook.